Is “Brain Octane” Safe And Effective For Increasing Brain Function?

With so many dietary supplements to choose from, people aren’t quite sure which they want to try or if they even want to try them all. The fear of trying too many supplements and it resulting with severe side effects is always looming.

Brain octane is an MCT or medium chain triglycerides which is just a fancy fat and several times stronger than coconut oil when it comes to distributing caprylic fatty acids to our body that help with burning fat and improve our brain functions.

It is premium oil designed to pack in the dietary gaps left largely by a ketogenic diet. Diets low in carbohydrates, in most cases, does not offer the full range of minerals and nutrients required by our body and because you are cutting out quite a range of foods, our body becomes vulnerable.

What are the ingredients?

Brain Octane is carefully derived from pure coconut oil. Medium chain triglycerides extracted from coconut oil is used to make Brain Octane. However, Brain Octane oil is made only with C8 MCT’s. C8 MCT’s metabolize more effectively into ketone energy as compared to C10 and C12 MCT’s. The human body isn’t capable of storing ketones from brain octane oil as the fat; instead, it is expelled through the kidneys (urine) or lungs (air).

In order to make Brain Octane oil the cleanest product possible, it goes through a special triple distillation process with pressure, heat, and water, ensuring that it is free from solvents and harsh chemicals.

What are the benefits of Brain Octane for the ketogenic diet?

Brain octane oil barely has any taste and it is flavorless and odorless. It is something that you will not find in other edible oils. Brain octane offers significant benefits that can help improve an individual’s cognitive energy, focus, level of concentration, keep his/her brain feeling uncluttered. This is great for those times during when you are on a ketogenic diet and need a boost. Brain octane oil energizes the brain, by offering ketones, which the brain uses to metabolize glucose in exchange for energy.

In other words, brain octane oil is designed to keep the brain protected and sustained no matter what type of diet you are on. It acts as a ready source of energy for our brain, and it can reduce brain fog by diminishing the action of contaminated chemicals in the bloodstream.

MCT oils like brain octane have shown positive results when taken along exogenous ketone supplements. That is, it boosts the absorption of Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) and allows our body to achieve higher levels of ketosis.

Bulletproof brain octane oil requires no refrigeration and can be easily stored at room temperature. Health experts advise that adults have to take this health supplement on a regular basis in order to feel the changes in their mental health.

Moreover, Brain Octane is also beneficial for pregnant women as it is completely natural and devoid the use of any synthetic compounds.

However, some people are still cautious about the use of brain octane, as they fear consuming it may trigger any side effects on their health.

Are there any side effects when taking Brain Octane?

Well, it is an MCT oil, so it may cause stomach upsets. The health expert, Bella Shang from Yes Wellness advises people to introduce this health supplement slowly into their diet because it is a good way to get used to it before increasing the dosage. You have to be cautious when taking Brain Octane. You have to work your way up slowly to a big dose or risk sore, upset stomach.

What are the precautionary measures to be considered when taking Brain Octane oil?

Brain Octane oil is safe to be consumed by breastfeeding moms and pregnant women. However, experts suggest they should consult their concerned doctors before taking the Brain Octane oil.

On the other hand, individuals taking GI distress medication or stomach medication should also consult with their doctors since Brain Octane may be contradicted.

Individuals allergic to coconut should avoid consuming Brain Octane oil as it is extracted from coconut oil.

How does it taste?

Apart from giving the slightest hint of coconut, Brain Octane is odorless but its texture might make you want to gag.

How to take Brain Octane oil?

As said, its texture might make you throw up and hence, swigging it down the throat in one scoop is not a great idea.

You can use Brain Octane as a salad dressing or you can even mix it with olive oil in pesto. Moreover, you can also use it for cooking given that the temperature never reaches more than 320°F.


Overall, Brain Octane is a fantastic health supplement that can improve your cognitive energy, mental health, and boosts memory. But it is advised that you consult a doctor before taking the supplement.

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