Facts You Must Know about Breast Plastic Surgery

Breast augmentations are the most common breast surgeries conducted in the United States. As per recent statistics released by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, augmentation of breast was the most requested procedure in the year 2016.

Here are some breast surgery facts you should know:

You might need another Surgery

Most women (around 25%) will require another surgery post 10 years. This is because implants don’t last forever. In some cases, implant may leak. Some even develop a “scar shell” around it to warp shape resulting in new implants. Some of the other factors that result in a second surgery include pregnancy, drastic weight loss, and change in preference.

Leave from Work

In most cases, patients require only 5-7 days off work. Although one might not feel 100% recovered after this period, most women are in good-enough shape to join office back especially if it doesn’t demand manual labor. On the other hand, implants placed behind the muscle in place of on top (done for achieving a more realistic look and reduce chances of a scar shell) will make recovery harder and longer.

They Feel Like Implants!

Yes, the touch of breasts with implants feels different than real breasts. It is true that silicone breasts feel very similar to real breasts; these are manmade and may not feel like natural breast tissue. Implants smaller in size and those placed underneath muscle are harder to detect.

Try before You Decide

It is possible to try on a number of boob sizes prior to deciding on one. The process involves use of “sizers,” (a kind of bead-filled neoprene sack). This is supposed to be stuffed inside bra to provide the patient with an idea of the size she might like.

The Choices

You have choice of two different implants: saline and silicone. Around 84% of implants used in the year 2016 were silicone. The rest were saline. Both kinds of implants have their pros and cons. Silicone implants look and feel realistic. However, it might not be harder to detect ruptures in the implant due to its gel-like consistency. Saline implants can show ripples in some areas of your breasts.

The Fat Transfer Process

It is possible for a surgeon to move fat from elsewhere on patient’s body to her boobs. This process is relatively new and is referred to as autologous fat transfer. Only a few people are good candidates for this procedure.

Areola Reduction

It is possible to get an areola reduction. The process is referred to as ‘mastopexy’. Most women who undergo breast reduction also have an areola reduction. This makes the areola proportional to the new size of the breast. For more information on this surgery, visit www.gvplasticsurgery.com.

Affect Breast Cancer Screening1

All kinds of breast surgery are known to have some kind of effect on breast cancer screening. Breast health should be taken seriously. Make sure you have a proper and detailed breast exam with a reputed gynecologist. Also get a mammogram. Mammographers usually do not have any problem with implants placed behind the muscle. However, it is always better to have a detailed discussion with the surgeon.

Restricted Exercises

Doctors would restrict you from exercising after implants, especially cardio involving bouncing. Although light cardio can be resumed after a week, most women require restricting exercise regime for up to twelve weeks.

Postpartum Implants are Better

It is better to go for this procedure postpartum. Most patients who underwent this surgery before having kids experienced discomfort.

Effect on Posture

Breast augmentation procedure is known to affect overall posture. This is similar to how weight of natural breasts would affect body posture. Doctors suggest selecting implant size proportional to one’s frame. This will have very little effect on posture. On the other hand, larger implants will have greater effects.

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