What Causes Gallstones and How to Dissolve?

Gallstones have become one of the most common diseases these days which have affected a large number of populations. These gallstones cause a lot of discomfort, restlessness, and pain to the patient and hence remove to be removed or dissolved once diagnosed.

For knowing more about gallstones; these are the tiny stones found in the gallbladder which are being made from the decomposition of cholesterol particles, bile, calcium deposits. They vary regarding size, shape, composition, density, and severity of the symptoms. We have mentioned you above they are usually formed at the same time of materials and hence involve the same procedure for treatment as well.

Natural treatment of gallstones is considered to be a perfect one to go along with rather than that of being performing surgery to them as it enables you to prevent it from being developed in future as well. You are going to know in detail about causes and methods of dissolving gallstones here in this content.

Causes of Gallstones: – As per survey 80% of the gallstones are made up of cholesterol and rest are made up of calcium salts and bilirubin. We are providing you here some of the reasons behind the creation of gallstones; have a glance:

  • The increase of cholesterol level in your bile: – Increase in the level of cholesterol is one of the most common reasons for the creation of yellow cholesterol stones. This kind of gallstones is usually developed due to the preparation of more cholesterol by your liver than it can dissolve.
  • The increase of bilirubin in your bile: – Bilirubin is formed by the destruction of old red blood cells by the liver. There are specific reasons such as liver damage, and blood disorders are one of the primary reasons behind the enhanced production of bilirubin in your bile. The gallstones formed by the bilirubin deposition are usually dark brown or black.
  • Concentrated bile due to the filling of gallbladder up to full: – Gallbladder needs to get empty to retain its healthy and proper functioning. In case if it failed to do so; the bile becomes more concentrated and hence works for the creation of stones in your gallbladder.

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Methods of dissolving gallstones: –

  • Oral Dissolution Therapy: – It is one of the most effective natural treatment for gallstones. During this treatment, you are advised to have a course of ursodiol which is one of the safest common drugs available today.
  • Shockwave therapy: – It is another most effective natural treatment of gallstones which is often used in combination with oral dissolution therapy. It is most commonly known as lithotripsy which includes sound waves to break gallstones into more easily dissolved pieces.
  • Treatment of gallstones using plant terpenes: – Plant terpenes which are a perfect blend of plant-based compounds called Rowachol is one of the most effective ways of dissolving gallstones. It is a six-month treatment which is found successful in most of the results.
  • Gallbladder Flushing: – It is another wonderful natural treatment of gallstones which includes gallbladder cleanses and liver flushes. This method does not include a satisfactory success rate and is considered to be getting succeeded in 50% of the cases.
  • Acupuncture: – This treatment is not used for eliminating the existing gallstones. It is a best alternative method which enables you to get easy spasms, enhanced bile flow and restoring proper liver and gallbladder functioning.
  • Treatment with herbs and homeopathic remedies: – It is one of another treatment to get relief from discomfort and restlessness created by gallstones. You can opt for green tea, milk thistle globe artichoke, and turmeric to get relief from gallstones.

Gallstones are the condition which is usually developed from the decomposition of bile salts, calcium salts, cholesterol and other substances in the gallbladder. Bile is usually secreted by the liver and is stored in the gallbladder for the digestion process. Increase in the level of salts present in the bile results in the formation of stones which further causes a lot of discomfort, restlessness, pain and much more and hence needed to be removed as soon as possible once diagnosed. We have provided you here some of the best natural treatment of gallstones which enables you to get an exit from this ridiculous situation without facing any surgical procedure.


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