What are Botox Injections?

Everyone desires smooth, glowing and wrinkle-free skin but with a large aging portion of population observe a significant decline in the quality of their skin and look for safe and effective treatment to reduce wrinkles, forehead furrows, frown lines, etc.  With the advancement of medical science and technology reliableand experienced surgeon makes use of Botox injection to counter wrinkles. Hence choose best nearby The Plastic Surgery Center thatstrives to offer the comfortable facial procedure to each client at affordable price.

Understand the basic

Botox injections are becoming extremely popular in fashion and beauty conscious people across the globe due to its immediacy of effect, convenience,and mild side effects. But there are still some misconceptions about Botox treatment such as

  • Botox injection contains Botulinum toxin which is not safe for use,but BOTOX injections consist of only a very small amount of this toxin and are safe if taken under the supervision of a highly skilled and experienced surgeon
  • Botox is addictive,but Botox injections need to be taken after every four to six months for keeping its impactful
  • The face will be freeze but in reality, some muscles of the forehead which will not restrict your face from making expressions and it is rarely visible to anyone.
  • The procedure is painful,butas Botox is not a surgical procedure the patients will only experience the discomfort of injection which most of the reputed plastic surgery centers try to minimize with the proper approach

Be well informed

The immediacy of effect might vary from person to person,butmost likely the patient will notice the effect within two days to three weeks. Some of the things that you can expect after the procedure

  • Get back to normal activities immediately
  • Avoid touching, rubbing or massaging the site of injection
  • Blood-thinning medicine like aspirin might enhance bruising hence avoid such medicines
  • Slight vision change is normal but consult a doctor in case of severe side effect
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