How a General Dentist Can Help to Improve Your Oral Health

General dentistry refers to a number of dental procedures that focuses on providing dental care for patients regardless of the age. General dentistry doesn’t focus on a specific procedure but rather a combination of dental procedures that focus on the overall oral health of a patient. In its most basic form, general dentistry is a combination of diagnostic and preventive dental procedures.

As highlighted earlier, this form of dentistry pays huge attention to prevention than treatment. It could be the prevention of gum diseases, the occurrence of dental cavities or any other dental problem that could interfere with the oral health of an individual.

For this to happen, a general dentist needs to know exactly what is happening inside your mouth. That is the reason why a general dentist Salida CA insist that patients should have regular checkups to diagnose dental issues before they escalate. Regular dental checkups are the only way through which a dentist can diagnose a problem and devise a solution before it can go any further. Therefore, general dentistry involves various elements as explained below.


Diagnosis is a critical part of any dental treatment. In this procedure, the general dentist looks closely at the patient’s teeth and gums to identify any signs of tooth decay or gum diseases. Nowadays, general dentists are on the lookout for different types of cancer that affect the mouth. These cancers can only be identified at this stage. During diagnosis, a general dentist can use X-Rays to detect tooth cavities or any other infections that may be problematic to the patient.


Once the general dentist identifies a problem, then they can recommend a solution that will help to prevent further damage to your teeth or gums. Some of the preventative measures that a general dentist can employ include professional teeth cleaning.

Most people wonder why they would need professional teeth cleaning whereas they clean their teeth every day at home! But the logic is simple, people have different teeth arrangement. In some people, their teeth arrangement may hamper proper cleaning thus creating a conducive environment for bacteria and plaque. It, therefore, makes it almost impossible to get rid of the plaque and bacteria through regular cleaning at home.

However, professional teeth cleaning shouldn’t give an individual the excuse to slack on their routine oral hygiene. Dentists provide this service to complement the routine cleaning that is done at home. In some cases, a general dentist may recommend dental sealants to prevent bacteria and food particles from being stuck on the teeth surface.

Maintaining the routine

It is important for individuals to get routine dental checkups to help diagnose dental problems even before they occur. If you need to maintain a perfect smile, then make your dentist your best friend. You cannot keep on skipping your dental checkups and still expect to maintain a perfect oral health.

Oral health is paramount as it also greatly contributes to the overall health of your body. Remember that your mouth is the gateway to the rest of your body, and therefore, it should be kept in perfect condition. This can only be achieved by paying regular visits to your general dentist.

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