Dieting and Why it is Good for You

Dieting is good for you and there are a lot of reasons that you should cut down your weight if you carry too much poundage and is affecting your health. You must control your carbohydrate intake. This will result in improved energy levels, improved moods, more concentration; it can help manage diabetes, heart, and sex; and even skin fair look.

There are five reasons why Dieting is good for you by reducing your carbohydrates.

1. Breads. Yes, most breads are high in carbs. You need to concentrate on brown breads.

2. Pastas. I know it is upsetting, isn’t it, but pastas need to be cut out if you need to cut down your carbohydrates.

3. Sweets. This is obvious. They are high in sugar content and high in carbs. Not good for insulin levels.

4. Fruits. Although natural fruits are better than table sugar, they are still high in carbohydrates and they have to be limited to the amount you intake.

5. Starchy vegetables like potatoes and corn.

These are five of the most obvious foods that you need to cut out of your diet. While choosing whole grain breads and brown rice for a low-carb lifestyle, just think, the less it is processed, and the less it is cleansed, the healthier it is. Brown breads, whole grain breads, and brown rice have the fibers and sustenance required for a low-carb diet. Also, it has less impact on the sugar levels in our blood and you will avoid the peaks and troughs decreasing the your blood sugar levels.

It may not be possible to cut out carbs right across the board; it may result in an unsustainable and restrictive diet that most people find difficult to continue with. It is more fruitful and beneficial in the long term for our bodies to respond to different foods based on different [glycemic] index. This will involve a quick look at how our bodies can turn food into sugar. For instance, if food is quickly digested, it will be turned into sugar that has a higher glycemic index than other foods that are digested slowly. This puts a steady amount of sugar into the blood stream. Some foods though are hard to digest and they create little or no sugar for the body to deal with. Now, with the glycemic index, we can look deeper and harder at making choices of food. It is not a simple separation of the carbohydrates from the more complex foodstuffs.

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