Crowdfunding for Skills Training For Those without Higher Education

India is typical of developing nations in many prominent ways. Its large young population, for example, does not have access to universal education or healthcare. Also, there are patterns that a discerning observer can see in who gets the limited opportunities available in terms of the education that is indeed up on offer. Boys get more chances to be educated than girls, and children in cities are better educated than those in villages

However, leaving aside the disturbing gender divide in matters of educating our children, the time has come for us as a nation to explore ways to solve related problems we have at hand, which might be solved with relatively more ease. We can show Indians with only basic levels of education ways and means of earning a living so they can build for themselves lives of dignity and respect and not have to depend (this is especially true of women) on others for their livelihoods.

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This can only happen if these people of India can acquire some kind of vocational or soft skill that can help them get paid jobs in both the governmental and nongovernmental sectors. The list of possible jobs that one can get in the heavily populated country is virtually endless. This is because as the population grows, the demand for skilled and unskilled labour to serve this increasingly younger population as service professionals – think teachers, blue collar workers, delivery workers, manufacturers, supply chain professionals etc, also increases in tandem. The number of people required to fill these roles shoots up every year, and sadly some jobs remain unpeopled because there are not enough trained people to fill those spots. By offering skills training to people who are intelligent but have not been educated with higher degrees we can meet a supply need

Crowdfunding India is a legitimate method for imparting skills training to individuals in India who are intelligent and quick learners and have the need to financially stand on their own two feet, Perhaps many of these are also people with small children or old and ailing parents to support. These are not people who can easily find jobs. But with computer training, or coding lessons, they can polish up their skills levels and be employed with enough salaries to run comfortably provided for households that even allow for some frills. Other kinds of vocational training like woodworking, plumbing, electrician work, and nursing training can also help many people keep poverty at bay and be financially independent and not face abuse and disrespect from anybody.

Activists can help these individuals become independent and self sufficient by using crowdfunding India in a positive and proactive way. Crowdfunding India projects can be carefully designed to make aid available to the deserving to make the best of their promising lives.

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