Cannabis May Help Decrease Opioid Addiction

Medical professionals take an oath to honor life. Doctors make a commitment to reduce pain and suffering using the tools of the medical trade. The main tool is pain medication. But using pain medication comes with a high price. Pain sufferers run the risk of opioid addiction, especially when they use pain medication as a crutch. But Doctors are writing more opioid prescriptions, and more people are dying because they abuse opioids.

People are abusing opioids because the human body does not do well when synthetic substances enter the bloodstream. Opioids work at first because the body consciousness accepts them and stops the pain. But when these pain killers continue to be part of the body’s consciousness, the mind begins to crave them. And that is the beginning of the end for thousands of people who can’t think about anything but more pain pills.

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The ongoing conflicts in the Middle East are creating a plethora of opioid users. Veterans are experiencing mental and physical issues that require medication, and the only legal medication is synthetically engineered pain relievers. But the onslaught of medical marijuana has given veterans and other pain sufferers an option. And that option is working.

Cannabis is an ancient pain reliever. Long before pharmaceutical companies were making pain pills, cannabis was helping pain sufferers all over the world. The CBD in cannabis relieves pain, but new studies also indicate it can treat addiction symptoms. A recent study in the states where medical marijuana is legal shows there were 25 percent fewer deaths from opioid abuse.

Cannabis gets a lot of attention because of the amount of THC in the plant. But the attention should switch to the amount of CBD in cannabis. There are cannabis plants that have a higher concentration of CBD, and those plants are the opioid addiction fighters, according to the scientists who are researching the medical benefits of cannabis. The receptors in the brain that react to opioids also react to CBD.

The good news is the CBD in cannabis can enter the bloodstream in several ways. The obvious way is by smoking cannabis using a Sesh Supply glass blunt from But there is also a CBD oil and CBD pills for people who don’t want to smoke cannabis. The medical marijuana industry has several options when it comes to CBD treatments.

Medical researchers now know CBD interacts with serotonin. Serotonin plays a role in emotional behavior, and it also plays a role in addictive behavior. CBD reduces opioid cravings as well as withdrawal symptoms, according to preclinical research. More research is underway, but scientists now know CBD diminishes drug cravings and the anxiety that comes with ongoing drug use.

Even though the federal government is trying to stop the medical marijuana industry from expanding, there is research to prove medical marijuana is helping thousands of people. Those people are coming off opioid medications and living fruitful lives. There is little doubt. The CBD in cannabis can help reduce opioid addiction. Even cannabis naysayers can’t dispute the scientific facts.


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