What To Expect From A Food Caterer Tasting

Budget? Check. Venue? Check. Security? Check. Catering? Pending.

There are many aspects you need to keep an eye on when it comes to event planning. But food is something that you should never ever ignore because — more often than not — this is the very thing that your attendees will remember best from your event. Whether you’re looking for the perfect special events or corporate catering DC company for your occasion, one of the things you must inquire about is their food tasting.

Why Tasting Matters

It’s a way to guarantee that your caterer meets your expectations

As an organizer, you must first and foremost be confident about the products and services you will be offering to your attendees. The surefire way to guarantee that your special events or corporate catering DC company meets your expectations is to actually taste their menu.

It provides a great avenue where you can ask and clarify any requests

Another purpose of a tasting is to provide an avenue where you and the caterer can negotiate on certain things or special requests. Do you prefer an artichoke garnish over its mushroom counterpart? Do you have a special instruction on how the dishes should be presented? You can forward all these concerns during the tasting.

It helps ensure your caterer is in sync with the theme of your event

One of the vital things organizers ensure is the consistency of the details and whatnots of their occasion with a particular central theme (e.g., classy garden, urban graffiti, black-and-white). The food and beverage served by your caterer should reflect the brand or image you’re projecting through your event.

What to Expect

Tasting is one of the most exciting portions of event planning. To get the assurance that this pre-event happening serves its purpose, keep in mind these things:


Food is the main star of any tasting event. Typically, special events and corporate catering DC companies already have a “set” tasting menu. However, there are also those who offer to make a menu out of a customized request. It’s safer to communicate properly with your caterer before visiting them for a tasting event. As you hold the tasting proper, make sure you pay attention to each dish and don’t be shy to give your honest preference and feedback.

Styling and Decor

Styling and decors are often covered by the services offered by your caterer. As mentioned earlier, a tasting is also an opportune time to ensure theme consistency– from the way dishes are presented down to the floral arrangements featured in the table. Tell them about your specific theme and about the expected number of attendees so they can prepare accordingly.


Budget is always a big matter of concern in any type of event. If you attend a tasting, you will get a clearer picture of how much you’d shell out to cover for the catering expenses. How much does your caterer charge for extra requests? Is the upgrade they’re mentioning still fit within your budget? Is the tasting event complimentary, or do you need to pay for it? Ask these questions and make sure every step you do in the event planning is cost-effective.

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