What is the Nasdaq SYRS stock?

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The NASDAQ Composite stock market index fell to 78% from its peak position within 30 months between the 1990s and 2000 and it was all due to the existence of the dot – com bubble. Between the years 2000 and 2001 gained some profit as FINRA sold some of its stake in the Nasdaq stock exchange market. It must also have to be assigned with at least three makers in order to earn the financial firms which were termed as either brokers or dealers in order to maintain the security in various fields.

What is the Nasdaq: SYRS stock?

The Nasdaq: SYRS at https://www.webull.com/quote/nasdaq-syrs is known as the Syros Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Common Stock and according to the report of today, it mentions its value of the share as the 11.91 dollars, and the loss that it has faced is negative as such -0. 16 which is about -1. 33% in percentage as such 14th of August, 2020. The Nasdaq: SYRS has the sector of healthcare and the industry is the major pharmaceutical. The yearly target which is for one year is about 14.50 dollars and the value of the share which is high on today’s basis is 12.05 dollar and on a lower basis, the value of the share is 11.78 dollars. The share volume of the Nasdaq: SYRS stock is 147,356 and the Average Volume Level is about 296,630 which is very large in number.


The previous close of the Nasdaq: SYRS stock has risen to dollar 12.07 and it is for 52 weeks which is approximately one year on a high level is 12.75 dollars and for a low level is 4.26 dollars. The value of the market is very high 545,027,433 and it is one of the important reasons that has initiated the popularity in the international stock exchange market and has somehow approved the safety which has made the people attracted to it to invest in the Nasdaq stock exchange market.


The value of the forward P/E ratio in the one year is negative in value which is about -7.94 and the EPS share is Earning Per Share is also negative in value which is for about the -1. 70 dollar. The value of the beta is only one and the Annualized Dividend, Ex-Dividend Date, and the Dividend Pay Date is not mentioned. The Nasdaq: SYRS has not revealed its current yield profit or the loss that it has earned so far and the reason behind that is that they are concerned with their safety issues.  You can buy the stock share after you know how to buy stocks online.


Disclaimer: The analysis information is for reference only and does not constitute an investment recommendation.


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