Get a makeover with hair transplant in Mumbai

In the present world of tough competition, your looks play an important role in creating a good impression amongst other people in both social and professional circle. On the other hand, a non-pleasing appearance due to baldness can take a toll on your performance at a workplace as you may not be able to express your idea with utmost confidence. But, thanks to the hair transplant treatments, which are another blessings of the modern interventions in the field of medical technology. This article is a complete guide to the best hair transplant in Mumbai.

When we think of undergoing a hair transplant surgery, many factors can strike in our mind, especially about the success rate of the surgery and its cost. Before we discuss these factors, let’s familiarize ourselves with the techniques of hair transplant quickly.

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Follicular Unit Transplant is a technique of hair restoration in which a long and thin strip of tissue containing hair grafts is removed from the safe donor area in the back and sides of the scalp. Then the strip is sent to the technicians who separate each follicle from the grafts and prepare them for implantation into the recipient area via stereo-microscopic dissection.

Follicular Unit Extraction-

With changing times, FUE treatments have become a popular choice in the league of hair transplant procedures. In FUE transplant, each follicular unit is taken individually, directly from the scalp and does not involve removal of skin from the safe donor zone in the scalp. The hair follicles are extracted in a random fashion and transplanted into a recipient area of the scalp, but, it results in a less density of the hairs in the recipient area.

Combined FUT and FUE technique- In a combined FUT+FUE technique, a strip of skin containing grafts is extracted from the safe donor zone. Thereafter, the individual hair follicles are separated from the grafts and prepared for implantation. Then, the follicles are carefully transplanted into the recipient site by using FUE technique.

Cost of hair transplant in Mumbai-

The cost of hair transplant depends on the severity of baldness and can only be estimated on the basis of the number of grafts required to promote maximum coverage to the balding area or the recipient site. The actual cost of the procedure can be estimated after a clinical evaluation by the hair transplant surgeon. To know more about the hair transplant cost in Mumbai, contact a cosmetic surgeon nearby. Some other factors that determine the cost of hair transplant in Mumbai include-

  • The expertise of a surgeon and staff
  • Blood Tests
  • Technique used in the hair transplant
  • Technology and surgical equipments.

How FUT hair transplant is better than a FUE hair transplant?

Although FUE is a newer technique in the field of hair transplant, On another hand, it has certain limitations over the conventional FUT hair transplant. Some of the limitations of FUE are-

  • It can be performed only twice in a life time, whereas FUT hair transplant can be performed 3-4 times during a lifetime.
  • In a FUE treatment, around 2500 hair follicles can be transplanted in one session. On the other hand, in a FUT hair restoration, 4000-4500 hair grafts can be transplanted.
  • In a FUE treatment, the damage rate while extracting the follicles is higher than in a FUT treatment.

When should you see a hair transplant surgeon?

  • You should visit a hair transplant surgeon if your hair loss is occurring in an unusual pattern.
  • If the hair loss is accompanied by itching; this may indicate an infection that needs immediate medical attention.
  • You should book an appointment with the hair transplant expert, if you are experiencing excessive hair fall as soon as you start taking medicines for certain illnesses like diabetes thyroid disorders.
  • Also, you must seek a professional advice if you are feeling stressed for a long duration.





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