Different Types Of On Site Treatments Followed During Dallas Medical Waste Disposal

The on-site treatment methods that are followed by Dallas Medical Waste Disposal companies include autoclaving. In this process, all the sharp objects like syringes and blades are decontaminated by thermal treatment. It is a device that uses steam at very high temperature to treat some specific infectious wastes as well so that it can be sent for land disposal as non-infectious waste material. The temperature and steam kill all the germs and microorganisms within the wastes which you may or may not sterilize before autoclaving depending on the volume of waste. Autoclave devices are available in different sizes to facilitate small to bulk medical waste management.

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Chemical Treatment Method

This is a specific on-site treatment process that is usually used for the liquid wastes deactivation and decontamination. This process is specially designed to decontaminate materials instead of packaging and sending them to another facility which might be far away. This decontamination process is carried on close to the generation site that prevents any spilling of the hazardous liquids. Chemical treatment is also applied to treat some non-liquid infectious wastes as well. Such wastes are shredded first so that every portion of the waste is exposed to the chemical used which will largely depend on the type of the waste and includes sodium hydroxide, calcium oxide and chlorine.

The Microwave Treatment

Very much similar to the autoclave process, this process followed by the Dallas Medical Waste Disposal companies also uses heat for decontamination. It is typically and effectively used for products that are not hundred percent dry or not solid. The moisture content in the wastes allows deeper penetration of heat creating steam in the process which further sterilizes the wastes. You just have to make sure that the medical waste is properly shredded and mixed with water before microwaving. Shredding will also reduce the volume of the waste that makes it easy to landfill.


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