Choosing the Right Beauty trolley

Selecting a good beauty trolley should be guided by several factors. The factors include:


This answers the questions ‘why are you buying the trolley?’ and ‘where will the trolley be used?’ This is because many trolleys have varying mobility and purpose.

  • Salon – Regular or color trolley should be considered for use in salons. The reason is not so far-fetched. These trolleys are large, purpose built and accessible. Also, their wheeled bottoms give them ease of mobility. Not only that, it overrides the need for strength in moving the trolley.
  • Transport – Buyers in need of trolleys that can be transported should consider boxes or cases. Compared to regular trolleys, they are secure and much more mobile. The downside of these boxes or cases is that they are larger in size and more expensive than the regular trolleys. However, having all supplies in moveable boxes or cases comes as an added advantage. And this is a very important consideration for mobile hairdressers.
  • Coloring – since tinting hair involves a lot of colors and dyes, it is important for buyers to consider purpose-built trolleys. These purpose-built trolleys have small compartments for coloring tools. Even though some regular trolleys are built for this purpose as well, they are not as small and light as the purpose-built types. Not only that, they have mobility and flexibility properties to enhance storage.


This is very important for those who prefer accessible and lockable drawers.

  • Drawers – Trolleys could have simple shelves, proper or closable drawers. As a result, buyers would go for accessible shelves. Apart from the structure, the security of the drawers is also put into consideration. Trolleys with drawers are mostly used to store items such as scissors and blades. This way you can guarantee safety
  • Locks – Some regular and transport trolleys also have lockable drawers. These lockable drawers are secure and are well suited for valuable objects. Asides safekeeping, they also ensure that the enclosed items do not move during transportation.


Size is considered when there are many items to be stored in the trolley. Also, if the trolleys will be transported, weight should be factored in as well. However, size is a functional factor which determines how the trolley will be carried. At any time, bulkiness or heaviness of the trolley should be considered during transportation. While they are suitable for journey by personal car, they are not suitable for journey by public transport. So, a smaller design should be chosen.

Moreover, if trolley is to be transported by air, smaller design should be considered as well. This is because they will fit into overhead lockers. Even though high trolleys can contain more items, they incur higher cost of travel and are stored in the hold.


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