Drugs – An Escape from Reality:

The 21st century has seen a new high in depression and stress-related anxiety. Be it low marks scored in the college’s final exam; partiality towards siblings; the less deserving candidate getting all the accolades in office. What if there is an escape from all this pain? What if a needle can make one feel better again?

This is exactly the illusion created by drugs in a person’s mind. A blissful ignorance that may just about seem the easy way out. But it’s a long way down from there!! Drugs not only makes the user physically and mentally dependent upon them. They have the capacity to cause premature death, disrupt social order through crime. According to the World Drug Report compiled by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) in 2016, the global problem of drug addiction had caused 5 million deaths alone and 42 million new cases of HIV.

Drug Rehab center – The way out:

The #Not Ashamed movement catching steam in India is no coincidence.Depression is the major reason for people turning to drug addiction. Thanks to this increased awareness, even the Drug Rehab centers in India have evolved to provide customizedtreatments such as inpatient rehab, outpatient rehab, and sober living choice.

The Addiction detox Helpline was initiated by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment in January 2015. In comparisonto 2016, it had witnessed a 107% increase in no of calls in 2017 only. Working in close tandem, the drug rehab centers deploy a combination of Pharmacology and Psychotherapy. Using opioid therapy, they provide substitute treatment for methadone and suboxone drugs. These are specifically used against psychoactive drugs such as heroin, cocaine, oxycontin, fentanyl,and methamphetamine. On the psychological forefront, the patients are made to change their way of living through safe and healthy coping life skills. Depending upon the intensity of addiction, these treatments can take 30 to 90 days for fruitful results.

Earlier drug rehab was once considered a privilege afforded to the affluent. In his radio address on Dec 14, 2014, Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, expressed his desire to make drug rehabilitation accessible to the general populace. With 17 phone lines, The Addiction detox Helpline provides free phone examinations day and night with a 24-hr window to provide a tailored treatment strategy based on the symptoms.

Extensive government and NGO based counseling sessions against drug abuse for all age groups show that India has declared war against drugs! These positive markers can’t help but bring this quote to mind: “Success is never final,and failure is never fatal; its courage that counts!”

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